FEATURED CHARACTERS:  Grymm, Creepknight, Cyradwee

HOVER TEXT:  "35:  San Diego Confidential Part Five"

SYNOPSIS:  Cyradwee plans the boy's appearance at InfernoCon, and sets some pretty strict limitations.

QUOTABLE:  "And the day is ours!"

NOTES:  Grymm is wearing an unmarked bag on his head, a la Ferretman, and stripey socks.

CK has taken off his suit, and is wearing a T-shirt with suspenders.

On the board behind Cyradwee the following can be seen:  a cow, a mirror ball, a rhinoceros, "No surrender!", a "Con Rat" wearing a shirt labelled "Take my money", a smiling face, a male and female figure, an ape, a giant robot, ninjas, snipers, and stick figures that look suspiciously like Cyradwee attacking Grymm and CK with an axe.

The previous year's InfernoCon saw the boys involved with the infamous "Rhinocerous Mirror Ball Incident".

According to dialouge, Grymm and CK are a top moneymaker for the company.

LINK:   View the not-so-implied threats!

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