T. Mullins



POST DATE: 7/28/07

FEATURED CHARACTERS:  Villemous Q. CreepknightBowlerGrymm Grymmowski

Page NotesEdit

SYNOPSIS: Bowler and CK discuss Grymm's house-hunting skills, and we get a taste of the man in action.

HOVER TEXT: "10:  In Which the "In Which'es" Cease to Be"

QUOTABLE: Tell me, do you have anything in a Bat Cave?"--Grymm



Bowler and CK are waiting at the "Cafe le Cafe!".

Bowler is wearing her hat, and a black long sleeved shirt with frilled collars.

The real estate agent's name is given as "T. Mullins".

A man is visible in the bushes outside the window of the real estate office with a tattered shirt, shaggy hair, and a paper bag on top of his head.  He does not appear to be looking in the window.

Inside ReferencesEdit

First appearance of Grymm's top hat and monocle.


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