In Which Napoleon Causes Creepknight Further Mental Anguish...



POST DATE: 3/26/06

FEATURED CHARACTERS: Villemous Q. Creepknight, Maestro, Napoleon

Page NotesEdit

SYNOPSIS: CK is a dick, Mestro is a dick, and Napoleon is a dick, all in short order.

QUOTABLE: "Anime is the worst thing to happen to american TV since the invention of the reality television show."--CK



CK loves him some FIREFLY, particularly the character of  Kaylee Frye.

Anime is a collective name for animation both produced in Japan, and elsewhere in the Japanese style.

Inside ReferencesEdit

This is, to date, the final speaking appearance of Maestro.

This is the last appearance of Creepknight in the original run.  He appears again in The Regenesising 1.

This is also the last appearance of Napoleon in the original run.  He reappears in Apocalypse Cow!

The closing note credits Napoleon's dialogue to "The Goodly Edna Pratt"


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