In Which Grymm Gets A Pet And Creepknight Is Reminded Of Darker Things...



POST DATE: 3/2/06

FEATURED CHARACTERS: Villemous Q. Creepknight, Grymm Grymmowski, Napoleon

Page NotesEdit

SYNOPSIS: Grymm brings home a special new friend.

QUOTABLE: "It's...a furry balloon from a furry fair."--Grymm


Inside ReferencesEdit

CK is reading a book titled "Sorrow At The Dark End Of The Rainbow".  Evidentially an original creation, a sample of its text can be found at Grymm's LiveJournal entry of 3/2/06.

First appearance of Napoleon, the Floating Pigmy Cow.  He isn't given a name until the title of the next page.  He speaks "Iranian-translated French", and was purchased from "Achmed's Super Discount Fairground Pet Mart, Now With Monkeys!!!"

This is Grymm's final appearance in the original run of pages.  He next appears in The Regenesising 1, the start of the revived series.


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